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Introducing EGEL We are a Sydney based, engineering research and development company specializing in Hydroxy Airless Combustion Systems to incinerate waste and pollutants with no emissions providing cheaper and cleaner electricity and saleable commodities for waste to energy, natural gas and coal fired power stations and associated industries.

We have a talented team of engineers, scientists, project managers, steel fabrication specialists and project partners supported by government, university and business – ambitious, competent people who share the EGEL vision.  

We are in the mature start-up phase of our company and work with government regarding pollution and environmental protection and associated policies in Australia.

Spiros Spiros (pictured) EGEL founder, Director and lead engineer  has been working on the Hydroxy Airless Combustion System technology for over 10 years.

Nick Rakis– EGEL General Manager, board member and Director of Sales, Strategy and Finance. Nick’s background 30 years in project management of corporate and government IT in some of the largest NSW government departments. He has a degree on Computing Science and a sub-major in public administration from UTS NSW.

University partners – we are working closely with Australian universities who have conducted a number of studies and are continuing ongoing research into the efficacy, technical aspects and economic benefits of this revolutionary technology.


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