Manufacture design and retrofit Hydroxy Generators

EGEL is growing by partnering with government, industry and investors. Our initial focus is on waste to energy and designing for coal and gas power plants. We seek joint ventures with likeminded partners working toward the same goal.

EGEL manages hydroxy technology from design, development, local manufacturing and assembly through to installation and maintenance.

After a free initial consultation we can prepare a proposal to custom design, manufacture and retrofit existing plants on your premises with a long life hydroxy generator. 

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Waste to energy - garbage, polymers and tyres

EGEL’s designs can be customised and retrofitted to existing and new waste to energy plants.

Our technology transforms the polymers/hydrocarbons from waste management facilities to provide a sustainable solution for waste issues; generate saleable products and profits for shareholders; produce green electricity and; create jobs for the local community.

EGEL’s unique process of combustion up to 3000 degrees allows us to safely control the transformation of waste products into useful elements. No pollution and no toxins are produced in our controlled environment.

We can also dispose of tyres through this process and reuse the left over material.

Coal fire power station retrofits For higher profits, better efficiency and higher electricity output

Our revolutionary Hydroxy Airless Combustion System is also applicable to coal fired power stations, allowing all airborne exhaust fumes from chimney stacks to be captured, processed and reused or sold as methanol, green electricity, carbon black and oxygen.  No fumes escape into the atmosphere meaning no chimney stacks or polluting emissions.

Our innovative technology is clean, green and in alignment with Australian community values. 


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