The vision of EGEL is twofold


Cleaner environment, air, water and soil, by lowering emissions and pollutants


Lower base energy prices for Australia consumers and local manufacturers.

Our revolutionary Hydroxy Airless Combustion System (HACS)

  • produces saleable commodities (think carbon black for plastics, graphite for electronics, syngas for methanol used in paint, antifreeze and more), fuel and electricity from waste products such as plastic and tyres
  • is a ‘game changer’ for the waste to energy industry and is pioneering the creation of the waste to commodity sector
  • has huge potential applications for coal and gas fired power stations
  • safely uses this zero emission technology 
  • is generating jobs and new industry                                                                                                                                                                                            

EGEL’s mission is to revolutionize the way waste products and pollutants are managed in Australia and the world. We will build, retrofit and maintain hydroxy plants to provide cheaper energy, fuel and saleable commodities with our emission free technology in partnership with investors in the waste to energy sector and coal and gas fired power plants.


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